Why Finland Could Be Europe’s Next Crypto-Mining Giant

    The cool climate and abundant renewable energy sources in Finland are making it a popular choice for crypto mining, as it provides ideal conditions for cooling mining rigs while also being environmentally friendly.

    Furthermore, Finland offers a secure political and economic landscape ideal for enduring investments such as crypto-mining ventures. It is important also to evaluate elements like electricity expenses, regulations, and infrastructure accessibility when contemplating long-term investments in the country.

    Finland has become an appealing destination for miners because of its nearly zero energy costs during times of excess production. Lennu Keinänen, the co-founder of Once Mining, a Finnish crypto-mining company, mentioned to that this specific situation has drawn the bitcoin mining industry to the Nordic region.

    One of the places that is less experimented with in Europe in general but more specifically within the Scandinavian region is Finland when it comes to Bitcoin mining, while Norway and Sweden are the more traditional destinations. The year 2022 saw entrapment of crypto miners in the area seeking to evade rising electricity prices.

    Finland Offers Near-Zero Energy Costs  

    In Finland, 2023 was a miraculous year when electricity prices fell to negative values due to the swift rise of hydropower, nuclear energy, solar, and wind energy. For the first time in more than two decades, Norway had a surplus of energy, a situation it had not experienced before. According to the experts, Finland will show a 25 TWh increase in renewable energy by the year 2030, which in turn will lead to even lower electricity prices, as reported by the Montel News, one of the leading sources of the European energy markets.

    Power – being critical to crypto mining, needs to be cheap for crypto miners as they depend heavily on electricity to mine digital currencies. The decrease in electricity cost makes miners improve their profitability since they can decrease operational costs which result from the equipment they use to mine. Due to the significant impact of energy prices on their bottom line, miners often look for places with affordable electricity to boost their earnings.

    Keinänen stated that the bitcoin mining industry has been drawn to Finland due to the special circumstance of nearly non-existent energy expenses when there is excess production. Bitcoin mining consumes a large quantity of electricity, and the capacity to function at reduced costs greatly increases profits.

    Government Subsidies and Wind Energy

    Keinänen outlines that the Finnish government favours the development of wind energy by providing various subsidies, aiming at growing renewable energy share and reducing carbon footprint.

    Although they were designed to benefit the wind energy sector, they have caused a recent rapid increase in wind power capacity. On the other hand, such a scenario has been observed with the rapid growth of renewable energy sources and constant fluctuations in energy production.

    Kainen, in her view, mentioned that wind power is unreliable, it changes due to the varying speed of wind. This uncertain wind may create surplus energy in peak windy conditions and hence electricity prices may have negative prices of -0.3€/kWh. Contrary to the above, there are scenarios where winds are calm which could result in a shortage in energy production, hence when there is low energy production electricity prices spike to the highest 2€/kWh.

    Finnish Tax Administration

    The state tax office of Finland has been focusing on the fact that cryptocurrency is taxable. Mineworkers are forced to pay taxes on income obtained through getting rid of digital currency obtained via selling, exchanging, or using digital assets. Moreover, the work of mining cryptocurrency is considered a source of income subject to taxation.

    Keinänen points out that even though the mining sector at present constitutes a rather nascent industry, this is likely to change drastically shortly.

    He continues by stating that the interest in establishing mining operations is strong, with consistent activity in scouting potential sites happening regularly throughout Finland.

    As presented by Keinänen, the cost of electricity is a decisive factor that affects the efficacy of Bitcoin mining as this activity is heavily power-dependent. This can turn into higher profits for companies because the cost of operation is lowered as electricity costs are reduced. Consequently, areas with affordable electricity are more economically viable for Bitcoin mining. Although mining is subject to taxes, it can be managed in a tax-efficient manner.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What factors are contributing to Finland’s rise as a popular location for cryptocurrency mining?

    Finland’s crypto mining sector is attracting interest for its cold weather, perfect for keeping mining equipment cool, and its plentiful renewable energy resources, resulting in minimal energy expenses when there is excess power production.

    Why is Finland an attractive destination for those looking to make long-lasting investments in crypto mining?

    In Finland, a secure political and economic atmosphere provides a favourable setting for sustained investments such as cryptocurrency mining ventures. Nonetheless, miners must take into account elements such as electricity expenses, regulatory conditions, and the accessibility of infrastructure.

    What strategies did Finland implement to reach virtually free energy costs for crypto mining?

    Finland saw a drop in electricity prices below zero in 2023 thanks to an increase in hydropower, nuclear energy, solar, and wind sources. Experts anticipate more expansion in renewable energy, which will drive down expenses and boost the profitability of cryptocurrency mining activities.

    How do low energy costs affect the profitability of cryptocurrency mining?

    Crypto miners rely on affordable energy prices to ensure profitability, making Finland an attractive destination with its minimal energy costs during times of excess supply. This draws the Bitcoin mining sector due to the potential savings on electricity-related operational costs.

    Can you provide information on the government programs that promote renewable energy in Finland?

    In efforts to enhance renewable energy production and combat carbon emissions, the Finnish government offers generous subsidies for wind energy. Yet, the growth in wind energy capacity has resulted in inconsistent energy output.

    What impact does the varying output of wind energy have on the cost of electricity in Finland?

    The inconsistent wind patterns that determine wind energy production can lead to excess electricity being generated when conditions are right, causing prices to plummet. On the other hand, during periods of low wind activity, there may not be enough electricity produced, causing prices to soar.

    Does Finland impose taxes on crypto mining activities?

    Indeed, the Finnish Tax Administration has confirmed that cryptocurrencies are taxable. Those involved in mining are required to pay taxes on any profit made from selling cryptocurrency, as well as income tax on any money earned through activities like mining.

    How does the Finnish mining industry view taxation and future growth?

    While the mining industry is still in its infancy in Finland, it is expected to become significant in the coming years. The industry anticipates substantial growth, with ongoing interest in opening mining sites and efforts to explore potential locations efficiently.

    What role does electricity cost play in Bitcoin mining cost efficiency in Finland?

    Bitcoin mining cost efficiency is primarily determined by electricity prices, as mining consumes substantial power. Lower electricity costs increase profitability by reducing the expense of running mining hardware, making locations with cheap electricity more cost-efficient.

    How does the mining community in Finland view the future of crypto mining in the country?

    There is considerable interest in opening mining sites in Finland, and continuous site scouting activities are underway. Despite taxation, the industry is expected to grow significantly, and miners emphasize the importance of organizing mining operations tax efficiently.


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