Web3 Honors Women: Celebrating History Across the Metaverse

    In March, there have been numerous efforts in the web3 space to honour and showcase the accomplishments of women in honour of Women’s History Month. This yearly tradition, which was started in 1987, underscores the significant impact that women have had on society.

    Diversity Drives Web3 Growth

    According to Monica Talán, the Founder and Contributor of the Spanish-language web3 platform CryptoConexión, bringing attention to women in web3 goes beyond simply aiming for gender equality, she said in an interview with Crypto news.

    Talán argues that focusing on women in the web3 industry can broaden the range of skills available, ultimately bringing in different viewpoints and innovative strategies.

    Talán emphasized the importance of promoting fair economic opportunities, fostering inclusive communities, and ensuring that technology benefits and addresses the needs of all in the future.

    In light of data from 2023, it is evident that women currently occupy roughly 26% of positions within the cryptocurrency sector. Shockingly, a mere 6% of women are represented in top executive positions, demonstrating a significant gender disparity as 94% of CEOs are male.

    Talán revealed that nearly half of CryptoConexión’s audience is made up of women. By reframing the narrative from women needing to conform to web3 to web3 needing to welcome and include women, the platform has seen an increase in diversity.

    Talán highlighted the achievements of 60 Latinas in the web3 industry as CryptoConexión kicked off Women’s History Month earlier this year.

    Talán mentioned that the list featured new faces as well. The focus on representation is crucial in motivating Latinas to enter the web3 space and contribute to a digital landscape that is both diverse and inclusive.

    In an interview with Crypto news, Sandy Carter, Chief Operating Officer of the web3 domain provider Unstoppable Domains, highlighted the distinctive innovations brought forth by women in the cryptocurrency industry.

    On International Women’s Day, Carter discussed Unstoppable’s dedicated space on the X platform, which emphasized the importance of tokenisation and women.

    Among our visitors were Dr. Anino Emuwa, the creator of 100 Women Davos and The Africa Women CEO Network, mentioned. Additionally, we were honoured to host the Director from Boss Beauties, who contributed to the development of the Mattel Barbie and Boss Beauty NFT initiative.

    Celebrating Women in The Metaverse

    Shining a light on women can inspire more female involvement in web3, but for now, the Metaverse has emerged as a sought-after space for events catered to women.

    During Decentraland’s upcoming Art Week and MESHfair from March 26-29, the talented work of women artists will be highlighted, according to Kim Currier, Head of Marketing at the Decentraland Foundation, as reported by Cryptonews.

    According to Currier, MESHfair provides a distinct chance for artists to unleash their creativity within a digital realm.

    According to Currier, a total of 32 international artists have been chosen to exhibit new pieces at MESHfair, with women artists comprising half of the selected participants.

    The creator and digital innovator Bay Backner is the mastermind behind MESHfair. In an interview with Cryptonews, Backner explained that MESHfair connects artists specialising in the 3D file medium for virtual reality (VR) with art galleries and collectors.

    Backner noted the lack of representation for VR works at traditional art fairs and major NFT collections, despite the high level of interest in the medium.

    Backner noted that just over one-eighth of artists currently being showcased in galleries across Europe and North America are women.

    She pointed out that none of the top 100 most expensive works ever sold were created by female artists, highlighting the significant gender disparity that still exists in the art world.

    Regrettably, Backner has concerns about a potential gender disparity emerging in the VR industry.

    A potential reason for this could be the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles within Metaverse businesses. Research from McKinsey reveals that just 10% of the virtual world or metaverse companies that secured funding during the crypto boom from 2017 to 2022 were headed by women.

    Backner pointed out that if we don’t focus on promoting the visibility of women entrepreneurs and creatives in the VR industry, we will continue to hear the same worn-out stories being told.

    Backner emphasized the significance of MESHfair in enhancing visibility and exposure.

    Women artists are playing a crucial role in shaping the emerging immersive web3 technology community, where every creator is leaving a mark on history by redefining artistic mediums. The contributions of women in this space must be recognized and celebrated, ensuring their presence is documented and accessible for all to discover.

    During an interview with Crypto news, the female artist known as JaneDAO expressed how showcasing her art at MESHfair and during Women’s History Month allows her to inspire others through collaboration and creativity.

    She expressed the opportunity to showcase the variety of innovative ideas women contribute to these areas, emphasizing that art effectively conveys impactful messages across cultures. By participating, I am not only highlighting my input but also drawing attention to the significant influence of women in this realm, initiating vital dialogues about our influential role in shaping the direction of technology and art.

    Women in Web3 Continue to be Highlighted

    As Women’s History Month draws to a close, efforts to promote women’s involvement in web3 will persist through ongoing initiatives.

    Talán acknowledges the challenges faced by women in the blockchain industry. She recommends a shift towards simplifying web3 ideas and interfaces to make the sector more inclusive, as a fundamental step in transforming its landscape.

    Talán expressed that the complexity of technical terms, the difficulty of user-friendly interfaces, and the rapid speed of changes can be overwhelming, particularly in an industry traditionally controlled by men. Nevertheless, Talán noted that there is a notable advancement in the continuous and committed initiatives to involve more women in the world of web3.

    In elucidating the topic, Talán highlighted the importance of programs such as SheFi, Unstoppable Women of web3, HER DAO, Black Women Blockchain Council, and the Association for Women in Crypto; all of which play a crucial role in clarifying the field. These platforms provide ongoing learning opportunities, tools, and a sense of belonging to their members.

    Talán emphasized the significance of community collaboration in Latin America with groups such as Crypto Curiosas, WomenBiz, WEDAO LATAM, WARMI, Mujeres en Crypto, and Metagals, showcasing the essential need for inclusive environments on a local and regional level.

    Backner mentioned her plans to host projects designed specifically for women later this year.

    She announced her involvement in two exciting initiatives: the Decentraland Gaming Week in June 2024, where a variety of creators will collaborate to develop engaging web3 games, and The Censored Art Show in September 2024, aimed at providing a platform for digital artists affected by censorship or shadowbanning on social media and similar platforms.

    Backner emphasized how women and minority digital artists face a disproportionate impact from censorship, particularly in their work.

    She mentioned that this is particularly true when artists incorporate their physical forms into their creations.

    Furthermore, Carter emphasized that the dedication to promoting women’s participation in web3 and technology will remain a priority for Unstoppable.

    She announced that there are plans to broaden their educational efforts by introducing additional workshops, courses, and mentorship programs specifically designed for women. Emphasis will still be placed on organizing networking events and providing safe environments for discussions to maintain a sense of support and connection among women.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How does Women’s History Month impact the evolution of web3?

    Web3 celebrates Women’s History Month by highlighting the invaluable contributions of women to the industry, with a focus on promoting diversity, inclusivity, and representation in the web3 community.

    How can showcasing the successes of women in web3 help advance the industry?

    The web3 sector is focusing on highlighting the accomplishments of women to enhance diversity within its talent pool. This shift towards inclusion aims to introduce new viewpoints and strategies that can result in a fairer distribution of economic opportunities and create communities that are open to all.

    What steps are being taken to close the gender disparity in web3?

    Various programs like SheFi, Unstoppable Women of web3, HER DAO, Black Women Blockchain Council, and the Association for Women in Crypto offer women in web3 educational opportunities, resources, and a sense of community. These initiatives aim to make the web3 sector more accessible by providing simplified explanations of concepts and platforms.

    In what ways is the Metaverse being used to honour and recognize women in the world of web3?

    The Metaverse is a virtual space where women artists come together to showcase their work at events like MESHfair, connecting with galleries and collectors to exhibit their art in a unique environment.

    How are initiatives continuing to promote women’s participation in web3 after Women’s History Month?

    Moving forward from Women’s History Month, efforts are underway to enhance support and community for women in web3 through various avenues such as workshops, mentorship programs, networking events, and safe spaces for discussions. Exciting projects like Decentraland Gaming Week and The Censored Art Show are also on the horizon, to empower women and diverse creators within the web3 sphere.


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