Bithumb Korea’s Financial Performance Falls Short Despite High Transaction Activity

    Despite increased trading volumes, Bithumb Korea, the company behind the Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange, experienced a decrease in profitability for the year 2023 compared to the previous year.

    New Daily, a South Korean media outlet, reported a 58% drop in sales compared to the previous year, based on a statement released by Bithumb on April 2nd.

    Despite a decrease in performance from the previous year, the company managed to maintain profitability.

    Bithumb Korea: Did Commission-free Trading Harm Financial Results?

    In the financial year of 2023, Bithumb Korea reported operating losses totalling slightly above $11 million for its exchange business.

    FY2023 saw a significant decrease in sales revenue for the firm, dropping from $236.7 million in FY2022 to slightly over $100 million, according to the firm’s announcement.

    Bithumb Korea managed to stay afloat despite a 74.5% drop in net profit to $18 million, down from the previous year’s $120 million.

    For four years running, the company has managed to consistently report positive net profits. Bithumb executives attributed the firm’s decrease in performance to the harsh conditions brought on by the cryptocurrency market downturn.

    There is a belief that the exchange’s profitability may have been negatively impacted by the decision to suspend commission fees last year.

    To regain market share from the top competitor Upbit, the company made the strategic decision to eliminate commission charges on cryptocurrency transactions starting on October 4th of the previous year.

    The policy was incredibly successful, leading to a temporary surge in Bithumb transaction volumes surpassing those on the Upbit platform.

    Critics argue that the majority of South Korean exchanges’ income stems from charging commission fees.

    In February, Bithumb discontinued its practice of offering trading with no commissions.

    Is Bithumb IPO on its Way?

    According to the same source, Bithumb and Upbit are both approaching the initial public offering (IPO) market in distinct ways.

    Upbit operator, Dumanu, boasts a market capitalization of around $3.6 billion, dwarfing Bithumb Korea’s $476 million valuation.

    According to New Daily, Dunamu is currently taking a cautious approach towards a potential IPO, while Bithumb is aiming to speed up its registration process on the Korea Exchange.

    The exchange has set a target to finalize its listing by 2025. To expedite this process, it has revealed intentions to separate its non-exchange businesses.

    On the other hand, according to the media source, Dunamu is not feeling rushed to become publicly traded. Sources claim that the company prefers to observe how the market conditions evolve before taking any steps.

    Dunamu was reportedly considering an NYSE IPO in 2021, but the emergence of crypto winter in 2022 appeared to halt any discussions regarding a potential public offering.

    The media outlet found that there were only a small number of challenges to a potential Dunamu listing. It also noted that the exchange operator was likely to wait patiently.

    To expand its customer base, Bithumb has introduced innovative points-based reward schemes and boasts about having the lowest commission rates in the industry.

    Frequently asked questions:

    Why is it that even with a high number of transactions, Bithumb Korea’s profitability has decreased?

    Bithumb Korea faced a decrease in profit for the Financial Year 2023 despite higher trading volumes, mainly because sales revenue dropped significantly from the previous year.

    Can you provide the exact numbers for the financial report from Bithumb Korea?

    In the financial year of 2023, Bithumb Korea reported a decrease in sales revenue from $236.7 million in FY2022 to slightly above $100 million. The company’s operating losses totalled more than $11 million, and net profit decreased by 74.5% to $18 million.

    Was there a noticeable effect on Bithumb Korea’s financial outcomes due to the choice to halt commission fees?

    In October of last year, Bithumb Korea decided to waive commission fees on coin trades, leading to a temporary increase in transaction volumes. Nonetheless, there are concerns that this move may have hurt profitability, given that commission fees are a major source of revenue for exchanges.

    Could Bithumb Korea potentially be thinking about going public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

    Bithumb Korea is looking to speed up its listing on the Korea Exchange and is targeting an IPO completion by 2025. To achieve this goal, the company has revealed intentions to separate its non-exchange-related ventures.

    How do Bithumb Korea’s intentions to go public stack up against similar plans from exchange operators such as Upbit?

    In contrast to Dunamu’s cautious stance on an IPO, Bithumb Korea is pushing forward with plans for a listing. Despite having a larger estimated market capitalization, Dunamu is said to be waiting for the right market conditions before considering going public.

    How has Bithumb Korea managed to draw in new customers despite facing financial difficulties?

    In an attempt to appeal to new customers despite facing financial challenges, Bithumb Korea has implemented innovative rewards programs and boasts of having the most competitive commission rates in the industry.

    In what ways has Bithumb Korea been impacted by the crypto winter?

    Bithumb Korea explained that the difficult financial situation they faced was partly due to the overall decline in the cryptocurrency market known as the crypto winter. This decline affected their trading operations and may have played a role in the decrease in profitability despite a high number of transactions.

    How did Bithumb Korea fare after discontinuing commission-free trading?

    In February of this year, Bithumb Korea decided to discontinue their commission-free trading policy due to a surge in transaction volumes. The effects of this change on the company’s financial results and trading operations require a more in-depth examination.

    How is Bithumb Korea working to enhance its financial standing and competitive position in the market?

    Bithumb Korea is currently strategizing ways to improve financial performance and stay competitive in the market. Plans involve simplifying operations, maximizing income sources, and offering unique services to draw in and keep customers during changing market circumstances.

    What is the correlation between Bithumb Korea’s IPO timeline and its overarching strategic goals?

    Bithumb Korea is striving to go public by 2025 to enhance its market presence, boost liquidity, and build trust among investors in line with its strategic objectives. By aiming to be listed on the Korea Exchange, the company is demonstrating its ambition for advancement and broadening its business horizons.


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